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USHUD Review How To Attract Motivated Sellers

As we move into the slower season in real estate, some agents struggle to find sellers ready to list. If you’re not able to find customers to work with, it can be difficult to make it through the season. While this may seem like a challenge, there are a number of ways to find sellers who are motivated to get their house on the market and sold as quickly as possible.
What is a motivated seller?
Before you can begin working with motivated sellers, you have to learn to identify them. You’ve likely come across sellers who you initially think will be a breeze to work with, but their sale slowly evolves into a long, tedious process. Motivated sellers are those clients who are more willing to either accept a competitive offer or sell with very flexible terms. Often, these sellers may be in urgent need of cash or simply looking to get rid of the property as quickly as possible. Here are three types of motivated sellers to seek out.
  1. Absentee owners or abandoned properties
There are a few ways to find these types of properties. If you’re looking for abandoned homes, one way to locate them is by just driving through a few neighborhoods. Homes with stacks of take-out flyers and newspapers, overgrown lawns, no cars, minimal window coverings, and a general abandoned feel are highly likely to be unoccupied.
Once you’ve identified an abandoned home, approach a neighbor to see if you can learn why the home is unoccupied or who the owner is. While you may only receive gossip, there will likely be a grain of truth. A quick Google search or a trip to city hall could also provide more information. Once you learn more about the situation, see if you’re able to find the previous tenant who occupied the property before it was abandoned. Give them a quick call (again, Google or city records will be your best chance) and let them know you’re inquiring about the property at 123 Main Street and would like some information about the home before you contact the current owners. More than likely, this will lead to a wealth of information, in which you’ll learn every issue from electrical, to plumbing, to squeaky hinges.
After you’ve obtained these details, you’re ready to contact the actual owner. Let the owner know that you’re aware of the problems in the home, that it’s costing them money in taxes, insurance, or payments. Armed with this information, it’s likely you’ll be able to negotiate with the owner for a quick sale.
  1. Properties near foreclosure
Unfortunately, one of the biggest motivators for a person to sell their property by whatever means necessary, is fear. More often than not, the most fearful sellers are those about to go into foreclosure. This can be for a number of reasons such as loss of employment, divorce, medical bills, etc. What’s important to remember is that these are all very sensitive issues and clients may be ashamed of their situation. Approach them with the simple point that you have an alternative solution to foreclosure.
To find these sellers, go through your local county’s delinquent tax list or a data provider. Once you’ve identified them and created a list, it’s time to talk. In these kinds of situations, the most important thing you can do is build a foundation of trust. These sellers are truly distressed and often desperate for a way out. Talk to them to find out what they are hoping to gain from the deal. Once you determine this, try to meet them in the middle, assuring them know you’ll do what you can to help.
However, if these clients have a huge amount of back taxes due, it may be better to walk away. This is because such a large amount could easily negate your entire profit margin, which would put you in a bad situation. If this is the case, explain it to the sellers, letting them know that, unfortunately, you can’t take the risk.
  1. Homes owned by the recently departed
This isn’t meant to be insensitive or crass, but often families who have just lost a loved one often inherit an additional property and the headaches and obligations that come with it. Always keeping in mind that this is a delicate time for the deceased’s loved ones, but also consider: this can also be a great selling opportunity. As with homes near foreclosure, approach these new owners with the fact that they have an issue and you’re able to solve it with as little stress as possible.
While it’s not a good idea to call grieving family members straight from their relative’s obituary and ask if you can list the property, you can send a postcard that says, “If you need to sell your home and time is of the essence, call Jane Doe Realty for the best offer available.” This is a more passive approach that lets potential clients keep you in mind after they’ve wrapped up their other necessary arrangements. By using this method, you’ll be seen as someone with excellent timing who was there in the family’s time of need, not a creep taking advantage of a solemn situation.

Monday, December 26, 2016 Reviews The Continued Rise Expected For U.S. Rent Prices

With strong rent growth in most metropolitan areas, employment gains and low inflation countering weaker-than-expected gross domestic product, Yardi® Matrix forecasts moderate U.S. rent growth as 2017 approaches.
A new national market outlook report from Yardi Matrix, “U.S. Multifamily Outlook 2016,” points to ongoing economic recovery in the U.S. and diminishing capital market volatility as key harbingers of modest but steady rent growth. Nationally, rents were up 5 percent year-over-year through August; demand from growing millennial and retiree populations, coupled with peaking rental unit construction, promises more of the same, according to the report.
“Although we expect demand and occupancy levels to remain healthy, we forecast more moderation in rents in line with wage increases and affordability issues,” the report states.
To  download the full report, click here.
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Monday, December 12, 2016 reviews from Clients


Wow, that's beautiful. I'm glad I have your favor. Your assistance is going to keep the roof over me and my son's heads, I'm very serious. I'm so honored -- Thank You!"
Tonya H.
Tonya H.

Monday, November 28, 2016 reviews from Clients

"Hi Robert,

I just wanted to take a brief moment to let you know how very impressed and appreciative I am of the level of service and commitment you have provided to me during these past two weeks - not to mention your patience and professionalism. As I mentioned to you over the phone, I have been in the Real Estate Industry and the Ministry for over 20 years, and I've just about seen and heard it "all" so it takes a lot to impress me as I know when someone is being forthright and genuine and when they are not. Sometimes people in sales have a tendency to be less than forthright and quite pushy in an effort to "make the sale". I did not experience that with you. You have been very honest and real and professional - assertive but not overly aggressive and I truly appreciate that. You answered all of my questions (and I had MANY) with expert knowledge, professionalism and patience; and the one time when you were not sure, you brought in your manager to help. I appreciate that too. Some people will give you a "fluff" answer instead of admitting that they are not sure about something. I consider that to be the mark of a true professional - seeking assistance when needed. I can tell you love what you do and you have a strong desire to help people. You have certainly helped me as I have had some "less than stellar" experiences with other Lead Generating Programs in the past, I was a little hesitant but you calmed all of my fears. I am ready to come aboard and I look forward to a mutually beneficial, blessed and prosperous relationship as we work together to generate lots of closings for The Borges Realty Group. 

P.S. You are the embodiment of the attributes I train my agents to have - the makings of a Top Producer. If you ever decide to sell Real Estate - Call Me!"
Antoinette B.
Antoinette B.

Monday, November 14, 2016 reviews from Clients

"Hi Robert,

Thank you for the leads so far. One of them is turning into a real buyer! So I am happy about that. I will be showing them homes this weekend. Some of the others are not as responsive. I will usually try making contact a couple of times and then move on if no response. I have mentioned your program to a couple of lenders and one is possibly interested. I will find out if they are serious then let you know."
Judy H.
Judy H.

Monday, October 31, 2016 reviews from Clients

"Hi Keith,

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to advertise on your website. I just started the third month with more than 50 leads of which at least 4 potential clients and 1 closing scheduled for the end of this month. So far so good hopefully more business generated now that it is spring!"
Lina A
Sales Associate
Lina A

Monday, October 17, 2016 reviews from Clients

"to whom it may concern;,

At the end of February I answered an E-mail from Courtney Flayhart. With in a 12 hour period I was on the phone with Courtney and she answered the many questions that I had about her services at At that time Courtney displayed not only expert knowledge of her Company's services she also showed a professional and courteous demeaner. I would recommend her not only for her services, I would also say she would be a well qualified candidate for employment."